Sustainability, the new form of expression

How this world would look like if people will be more involved in creating and keeping a healthy environment? A question that sometimes makes me think deeper about this world. I am keeping my positive attitude and I believe people are really trying to make changes in order to improve our environment.

Even though I believe that I try to live a sustainable lifestyle, the documentary “The Next black” showed me other opportunities for this subject. This documentary explains the changes that fashion is making in order to develop a more sustainable and conscious industry.

A signal that intrigued me is about “Bio couture” and how a designer from London, Suzanne Lee, is literally growing clothes. She wanted to start a revolution within this industry and to create eco-alternatives. After a few experiments, she ended up using ingredients such as sugar, vinegar, green tea, etc. and in this way, clothes are grown in an organic way. For me, this helped me to realize that sustainability has many faces and how people are fighting for a better world.

WhatsApp Image 2019-06-24 at 12.21.43

Figure 1 “Bio Couture”, Suzanne Lee unknown year

After this discovery, the subject turned into a real interest for me, and this is why I decided to search for more connections within this industry. This is how I found out about the famous brand Adidas, who developed a campaign in order to reduce ocean plastic waste. “Adidas produced more than five million pairs of recycled plastic waste shoes in 2018, and they plan to incorporate the waste into at least 11 million this year.” “In 2018 alone, we saved more than 40 tons of plastic waste in our offices, retail stores, warehouses, and distribution centers worldwide and replaced it with more sustainable solutions.” (Good News Network, 2019)


WhatsApp Image 2019-06-24 at 12.09.30            WhatsApp Image 2019-06-24 at 12.15.00.jpeg

Figure 2 How it is made, Adidas 2018           Figure 3 Plastic shoes, Adidas 2018

These signals demonstrated to me that nowadays people are aware of how much this planet is damaged and are trying to create many opportunities in order to make an improvement. I consider that it is a big change and desire within the fashion industry to create clothes with sustainable and organic materials. With this, new values are seen, such as consciousness, a safe world, awareness. 

Together, these represent a small piece of a trend called “Sustainable production” where the brands are trying to find alternatives in order to create a better environment. But how it is defined this trend? “Sustainable consumption and production refer to “the use of services and related products, which respond to basic needs and bring a better quality of life while minimizing the use of natural resources and toxic materials.” (The Druk Journal, 2017)

I strongly believe that this trend will have a big influence in the future because even today people are conscious and aware of their surroundings and that they should act in a sustainable way but is not enough. It should be created many opportunities and to spread the information for creating a connection and to establish conscious habits.

This topic will represent an inspiration for my future internship because the essence is to incorporate sustainable and creative ideas in order to find eco-alternatives that will impress the industry/customers/people in general. Nowadays we appreciate sustainable, cruelty- free, organic products and it is a trend to have a conscious lifestyle. This is how I decided to do an internship in a creative company where the concept department has the aim to create sustainable products/services in order to make a better environment. I believe that this will help me to expand my creativity but also to increase my critical thinking and my sense of observation, to be more trend-sensitive.



Good News Network. (2019, March 23). Adidas and shoes made of plastic ocean. Retrieved May 10, 2019, from

The Druk Journal. (2017). sustainable-consumption-and-production. Retrieved june 6, 2019, from



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