Iqos-new way of smoking

“There’s no way around it. Smoking is bad for your health. Smoking harms nearly every organ of the body. Cigarette smoking causes 87 percent of lung cancer deaths. It is also responsible for many other cancers and health problems. These include lung disease, heart, and blood vessel disease, stroke, and cataracts.”(Smoking, n.d.)
Another new tobacco product is Iqos. The spot is about a new way of smoking and how this device influences the people. In Romania on 16 March 2016, it was forbidden to smoke in restaurants, clubs. In a few months, they introduced Iqos, which was launched by Philip Morris International in key countries: Canada, France, Monaco, Spain, Romania, etc. “At the heart of Iqos are sophisticated electronics that heat specially designed heated tobacco units. Iqos heats the tobacco just enough to release a flavourful nicotine-containing vapor but without burning the tobacco. The lower temperature heating tobacco is heated and not burned, the levels of harmful chemicals are significantly reduced compared to cigarette smoke. ” This product costs 70 euro. (Iqos, n.d.
Figure 1 Heets unknown 2018
First time I saw this product in a club, in the summer of 2017.  You can see it on the internet or they have their own store and you can see this product more often at young people. I think is a combination between social well-being because a lot of young people smoke and with this product you have the freedom to smoke everywhere because you don’t disturb any more non-smokers people but you put in danger your life because it is not good for your health. (Corbu, 2018)
This device came to satisfy the needs of smokers. Because of that low, they needed something else. Could be weird but Iqos brought values such as satisfaction, happiness. In addition, it is related to technology factor because it is the first product of this type until now were normal cigarettes, so it is a really big step.
I believe that it has future potential because we all know the negative effects of smoking but people are just enjoying doing that. In conclusion, smoking has an enormous power and the companies which are selling tobacco will benefit always.
IMG_3013 2
Figure 2 Iqos Radu Stefan, 2017

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